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First Dropdown Menu

Create Quick Page: This is a page builder similar to The Dome. You put in the info that you want on the page and it makes the page for you. It's divided into five sections. You can put something different in each section or you can click on "Text" and write stuff in them or you can use HTML to put graphics in.

Custome Page Bulder: This lets you write your own HTML. You can put anything you want in here.

Upload Files: For computer users to upload files. Useless to us.

Create New Subdirectories: You can make new subdirectories (or folders) to sort and organize what you have there. Moving an item from one subdirectory to another will change the URL, and if you have a link to the item on a page you need to change the URL on that page.

Erase Multiple Files: If you have a lot of stuff you want to get rid of go to the directory that you want to clean up and click on this. All of the files in that directory will be listed with a box next to each item. Check the box next to all of the files that you want to get rid of and click on "Erase" at the bottom. You'll get a page asking you if you're sure you want to erase those items. Check the list and make sure you didn't check something that you don't want to get rid ofthen click on "Yes". Remember, once you erase files you can't get them back

Move Multiple Files: You can move several files from one directory to another. Got to the directory that the files are in and click on this in the dropdown menu. All of the files in that directory will be listed with a box next to each one. Check the box next to all of the graphics that you want to move, then click on the dropdown menu and choose a subdirectory. Then click on "Move". Again, you'll get a confirmation page. Click on "Move" again and all of the files that you checked will be moved to the new folder.

Dropdown Menu #2

This dropdown menu allows you to view only certain type of files. When you're in a directry that has a lot of files this makes it a little easier to find what you're looking for.

All Types: This will list all files in that folder. This is the default, or what you always get when you open the folder.

Quick Pages Only: Choosing this will only list the pages in that directory that were made with the Quick Page Builder.

Images Only: This will list only graphic files..GIFs and JPGs.

Directories: This lists only your subdirectories, not the files stored in them. I think this one only works on the main directory.

Text or HTML Pages: This will show all of your pages, Quick Pages and Custom Pages, but not the graphics, midis, etc., in that folder.

Other pages Only: This will list all files that are not pages or graphics, like midi files.

Managing Your Files.

Next to each file or subdirectory are option for managing your files or directories.